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      1. 廈門(mén)市綠茵試劑玻儀有限公司



        Xiamen LvYin Reagent and Glass Apparatus Co., Ltd. was founded at 1st, July, 1998. It has become a modern enterprise integrated of production, research, wholesale and import & export. We have 2 self-owned brands. Main business covers chemicals, reagents, glass apparatus, analysis instrument, laboratory apparatus used in scientific research, teaching experiment, chemical analysis and industrial production. We also agent some international famous enterprises and domestic large brands, such as, America Sigma-Aldrich, German merck Millipore, “Hushi” and “Wokai” brand chemical reagent, glass instrument of SCHOTT, analysis apparatus of Shanghai Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. and etc.

        Our company has a professional work team through over 20 years of development. And we have set up branch offices in Shanghai and Zhangzhou. In addition, our company has complete qualifications, for example, business certificate of dangerous chemical, transport vehicle and warehouse exclusive used for dangerous chemical, approved operation place and distribution capacity.

        Our company has high reputation. And we are professional service provider in local region with strong scientific research and analysis capacity. We cooperate with local famous enterprise, local inspection units, universities and research institutes, for example, quality supervision department, import and export commodity inspection division, water quality monitoring, Xiamen University, Huaqiao University, JiMei University.

        In future, we will serve all customers sincerely insisting on principle of “mutual-development and win-win”. We expect to cooperate with all friends.

        Copyright(C)2016,Xiamen LvYin Reagent and Glass Apparatus Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
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